THE Thank you wall

Gonna be adding to this one for a long time! I've not seen this on many websites in the field, but while working on this one I felt compelled to add a sort of "gratitude wall". There are a multitude of people who have guided, supported, and inspired me, and oftentimes my natural introversion makes expressing my gratitude out loud weirdly scary (I'm working on it I swear!). For whatever this is worth, here's a long-term place to express my thanks in writing.

In no particular order...


Les D - You were at the podium for my very first role, my first YAP role, and my first principal role. Every step of the way, you've been there with
humour, passion, and consummate skill.

Leslie U and Rachel R - After our opening night, a man came up to me, shook my hand, and thanked me for embodying his own experience. The story he told and the way he told it remind me why I do this. Thank you for making the music and words that gave this stranger (and myself) catharsis.

Nancy H - You have done so much for opera. You have done so much for your students. For the cultural landscape of Canada. I'm most certainly not alone in saying this, but I could not have done any of this without you. And you put up with me for five years! :O

Rena S - You taught me there was a bottomless well of truth in song, and opened my eyes to an unending horizon. I'll never forget the "concert of your wildest dreams".

Adrianne W - To this day, you're an anchor for me (and for many others). You've helped me slog through so much difficulty with your perfect mix of compassion and practicality. 

Connor B - Those who walk alongside you are to be cherished as dry earth cherishes rain. You, dear friend, are a godsend.

Paul J - From a basement in Prince George to the top of Stawamus Chief, we've had quite the journey. Thank you for having my back at every twist on this journey.

Yulanda F - I miss you. You were supporting me even before I knew who you were. Your hand in creating VO's young artist program will be felt across the opera world for a very, very long time through the voices and work of so many artists. I am so grateful to have met you.

Tom W - You work so hard, and it's nothing short of inspiring. Thank you for allowing me to return to the West Coast time and again.